Jun 2019—Feb 2020

    Oct 2019


    Gramphone article

    Me and the other Listenpony composers were asked a while ago by Gramphone "what does it mean to be a composer today". Read our responses here

    Sep 2019


    New Creatives North commission

    After recording string parts with the Ligeti Quartet earlier this week, and mixing a final draft on Tuesday, I've finished a piece called Ee well for the New Creatives North scheme, incorporating field recordings, new music for string quartet, and a load of illicitly recorded phone conversations with my parents. Online soon.

    Aug 2019


    Listenpony #19, new piece for Ligeti Quartet

    Looking forward to this great lineup - Joseph Havlat, Ligeti Quartet and Ana Silvera! I'll be writing a piece for Ligeti Quartet, and there'll also be music from Freya Waley-Cohen and Josephine Stephenson, and new pieces from Egidija Medekšaitė, Rūta Vitkauskaitė and Joseph Howard. Tickets here.

    Jun 2019


    New Creatives North announced

    Excited to be a part of this scheme focussing on talent from the north! Am excited to be working on something different to my usual stuff: a work incorporating recorded voices, field recordings and instrumental music. Will be developing over the summer.