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This poor room

4 mins, solo viola

A new work for solo viola, commissioned by The Viola Commissioning Circle as part of Lawrence Power's Lockdown Commissions series.

At the beginning of the lockdown, Edward Hopper's lonely, house-bound figures began trending: we were 'all Edward Hoppper paintings now'. People shared and identified with the cut-off, outward-gazing women of Morning Sun, or Cape Cod Morning, and meanwhile photoshopped Nighthawks to match the times.

When I got to writing this viola piece in May, I thought back to Edward Hopper, but instead to his empty paintings, favourites remembered from school art classes, Sun in an Empty Room, and Rooms by the Sea. The temporary abandonment of places like offices and pubs has been accompanied by a daytime invasion of flats and houses which usually lie empty, my flat included: those poor rooms.

This piece will be recorded and broadcast on social media Summer 2020.

Piece finished