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Austerity Songs

25 mins, solo voices SATB and piano.

Eights songs for various combos of four solo voices (SATB) and piano, from Sam Riviere's book 81 Austerities, written for SongSpiel:

1. Miserable I Hope You Do Too (S and A unison)
2. I was going to say (B)
3. The Council of Girls (T and B)
4. The Handsoap Cares (S)
5. Crisis Poem (AT)
6. POV (T)
7. And There the Resemblance Ends (B)
8. You There in the Shadows (SATB)

Recordings coming soon.

Piece finished

Past performances
  1. Crisis Poem performed at AirBnB's monthly Secret Concert series, by SongSpiel.

  2. Performed by SongSpiel, in aid of charity Arts Emergency

  3. Performed by Claire Lees, Felicity Turner, James Way, James Newby and Natalie Burch.

  4. Crisis Poem, Performed by Felicity Turner, James Way, and Natalie Burch.

  5. Crisis Poem in its earliest version, for mezzo and ensemble. Performed by Katie Slater, Gabriella Swallow, Eleanor Tinlin and Christina McMaster.