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The Water of Tyne

10 mins, for wind quintet

Two queasy pieces on the Geordie folk tune The Water of Tyne. Various versions, most recent commissioned by the Royal Northern Sinfonia and premiered at Cumberland Arms, Newcastle, as part of their CoMA New  Msic Trail.

William Marsey: The Water o... by William Marsey

Past performances
  1. Played by members of the Royal Northern Sinfonia, part of the CoMA Gateshead new music trail, part of their 2020 UK and European festival.

  2. A quintet of players from CHROMA ensemble performs Water of Tyne alongside other works by composers at the Academy.


    Feb 2020


    CoMA New Music Trail, Newcastle

    At the start of next month, the Royal Northern Sinfonia will be performing some wind quintet pieces by me for their CoMA New Music Trail, part of a UK-wide festival of new music. Get tickets here.