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Be nice to see you

7 mins, string quartet and recorded sound

Summer 2019 I recorded my phone calls with my parents and wrote music around their voices. The result was a 7 minute piece for string quartet, recorded voices, and field recordings made around my London and Hartlepool homes.

The piece is a bit homesick and a bit a tribute to my parents / a bit sad and a bit happy.

The string quartet was Ligeti Quartet, and the piece was written for New Creatives North.  

Listen to it now on BBC Sounds

Piece finished

Past performances
  1. Available on BBC Sounds, listen here


    'Be nice to see you' out now on the BBC


    Jan 2020

    My short piece for string quartet and recorded sound just went live on the BBC Sounds website. 

    This was written for New Creatives North, played by the Ligeti Quartet, with phone and field recordings by me.

    Listen now on BBC Sounds. Or, find out more about the piece here.

    New Creatives North commission


    Sep 2019

    After recording string parts with the Ligeti Quartet earlier this week, and mixing a final draft on Tuesday, I've finished a piece called Ee well for the New Creatives North scheme, incorporating field recordings, new music for string quartet, and a load of illicitly recorded phone conversations with my parents. Online soon

    Listenpony #19, new piece for Ligeti Quartet


    Aug 2019

    Looking forward to this great lineup - Joseph Havlat, Ligeti Quartet and Ana Silvera! I'll be writing a piece for Ligeti Quartet, and there'll also be music from Freya Waley-Cohen and Josephine Stephenson, and new pieces from Egidija Medekšaitė, Rūta Vitkauskaitė and Joseph Howard. Tickets here.

    Listenpony 2019


    Jan 2019

    Listenpony's 2019 is pretty much fully formed: 28 Jan, 29 May, and 26 Sep. We're working with some exciting people this year -- check it out at