Selected past dates:

  1. 2022

    1. 17 May Why Do We Grieve / Science Museum, London

      The premiere of Why Do We Grieve, for 11 instruments. Performed at the Science Museum under Oliver Zeffman, part of his Music x Museums series.

    2. 3 March No Verticals / Crypt on the Green

      A new work for Explore Ensemble, to be performed at Listenpony at Crypt on the Green.

    3. 15 February Doctor / NightMusic, St David's Hall, Cardiff

      Laefer Quartet play 'Doctor' at NightMusic Cardiff, where I am the Associate Composer.

    4. 4 February George's Sonatas and Man Dances / Royal Academy of Music, London

      George Fu plays George's Sonata book in a programme of work written for RAM's 200th anniversary.

    5. 3 February George's Sonatas and Man Dances / University of Glasgow Concert Hall

      Natalie Burch is playing a few of my piano pieces in a concert the University of Glasgow, alongside Heloise Werner singing music by herself and Jonathan Woolgar. Concert is free to attend online and in-person, see here:

  2. 2021

    1. 7 November Be nice to see you / The Globe, Newcastle

      The Frankland Quartet are playing Be nice to see you, live and on livestream. Tickets here.

    2. 30 October I am Become a Man / Listenpony, Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell

      New work for Listenpony #20, on 'I Am Become a Man' by poet Jack Underwood, for vocal ensemble EXAUDI.

    3. 14 October Austerity Songs / Oxford Lieder

      Dominic Sedgwick and Natalie Burch performing two of my Austerity Songs at the Oxford Lieder festival, live and on stream, 10pm.

    4. 9 October Be nice to see you / BMS, Berwick Watchtower

      The Frankland Quartet plays 'Be nice to see you' at Berwick Music Series.

    5. 21 May Man with Limp Wrist / Barbican Hall, London

      [POSTPONED] UK Premier of an LA Phil commission for wind and brass, part of LA Phil's 2021 residency at the Barbican, as well as the Barbican's series 'Thomas Adès at 50'.

    6. 21 May George's Sonatas and Man Dances / Bishopsgate Institute

      Joseph Havlat explores a selection of music inspired by the Bishopsgate Institute collections

    7. 6 April Man with Limp Wrist / Walt Disney Hall, Los Angeles

      [POSTPONED] A new piece for LA Phil winds and brass LA Commission, conducted by Tom Ades.

  3. 2020

    1. 16 April Dutch Indoor Subjects / Reston Community Center, Virginia, USA
      George Fu plays a few of my piano pieces at the Reston Community Centre's 'Meet the Artists' series
    2. 14 April Doctor / St David's Hall, Cardiff

      Part of St David's Hall 'nightmusic' series, performed by the Laefer Quartet.

    3. 17 March Dutch Indoor Subjects / Barnes Festival, London
      George Fu is playing a few of my piece at the next Listenpony, hosted by Barnes festival. It's alongside a load of great music! Click for tickets.
    4. 7 March The Water of Tyne / Cumberland Arms, Newcastle
      Played by members of the Royal Northern Sinfonia, part of the CoMA Gateshead new music trail, part of their 2020 UK and European festival.
    5. 15 January Be nice to see you / BBC Sounds
      Available on BBC Sounds, listen here
  4. 2019

    1. 29 May Psalms 22 and 23 / Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell
      Performed by Jess Dandy and Francesco Iannuzzelli.
    2. 22 March The Sea / BBC Radio 3
      Broadcast of the previous week's concert at Sage Gateshead, with Lars Vogt and the Royal Northern Sinfonia.
    3. 15 February The Sea / Sage Gateshead

      A short Encore for the Royal Northern Sinfonia, as part of their 60th anniversary season, for the orchestra and Lars Vogt.

    4. 28 January 3 missed alarms / Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell
      Members of apartment house will be giving the first perf of this string trio, for Listenpony.
  5. 2018

    1. 19 November Bucketmouth / Angela Burgess Recital Hall

      Performed by Liam Byrne at the Royal Academy of Music.

    2. 22 September Dutch Indoor Subjects / BBC Radio 3

      Recorded at BBC Open Ear at LSO St Luke's earlier in the year, Joseph Havlat performing.

    3. 23 July Belmont Chill / The Arts Hour Backstage, BBC World Service

      Belmont Chill is broadcast as part of a behind the scenes programme on the LSO Open Ear concert, Joseph Havlat playing.

    4. 23 July Dutch Indoor Subjects / The Arts Hour Backstage, BBC World Service

      Excerpts broadcast, Joseph Havlat playing, as part of a behind the scenes programme about the LSO Open Ear concert.

    5. 22 July From Dufay's Missa L'Homme Arme / Tower of London

      Part of East Wall by the Hofesh Shechter Company, played by the Band of the Irish Guards.

    6. 30 June Dutch Indoor Subjects / LSO St Luke's

      Joseph Havlat plays a few pieces from the ongoing piano series Dutch Indoor Subjects, arranged for Piano, Celeste and Toy Piano, at BBC Radio 3 Open Ear. Recorded to be Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and the BBC World Service.

    7. 9 May Dutch Indoor Subjects / Birmingham, Manchester, London

      A Lady at her Toilet is played by George Fu, on Listenpony's tour to Centrala Birmingham, the Anthony Burgess Foundation Manchester, and the Playground Theatre London.

    8. 4 April Chorale / St David's Hall, Cardiff

      Played by the Vickers Bovey duo at the St David Hall's contemporary series NightMusic.

    9. 16 March Dances of Travel / Royal Academy of Music

      The Manson Ensemble, cond. Olly Knussen

    10. 28 January Austerity Songs / Shoreditch Treehouse

      Crisis Poem performed at AirBnB's monthly Secret Concert series, by SongSpiel.

    11. 25 January 40 Days and 40 Nights / Banff Centre, Alberta

      Performed as part of my musicians residency there.

    12. 19 January Den Vater dort oben / Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada

      Performance as part of my residency at the Banff Centre, played by Katia Dinas, Judy Ferguson and Madeleine Antoine.

    13. 19 January Belmont Chill / Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada

      Played by Katherine Chi, part of my residency at the Banff Centre, Winter 2018.

    14. 14 January Austerity Songs / Classical Transmission

      Performed by SongSpiel, in aid of charity Arts Emergency

  6. 2017

    1. 5 October Piano pieces about food / Rosslyn Unitarian Chapel

      Joe Havlat plays new works for piano for Ensemble x.y

    2. 25 August Belmont Chill / Dartington Hall

      Played by Joseph Havlat, at the final concert of the Dartington Summer School Advanced Composition Course.

    3. 25 May Mill / St David's Hall, Cardiff

      Part of the Peter Reynolds Composer Studio at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival

    4. 24 April Den Vater dort oben / Royal Academy of Music

      A concert of newly written works, performed by Benjamin Keith Hulme, Michael Foyle and Huw Watkins.

    5. 15 February 40 Days and 40 Nights / Listenpony, Crypt on the Green

      Played by The Albion Quartet (Tamsin Waley-Cohen, Emma Parker, Rosalind Ventris, Nathaniel Boyd).

    6. 10 February Piano pieces about food / Royal Academy of Music

      Zubin Kanga plays Prawn CocktailCheesecake and Flapjack.

    7. 16 January Austerity Songs / St James Picadilly
  7. 2016

    1. 30 November Austerity Songs / Royal Academy of Music

      Crisis Poem, Performed by Felicity Turner, James Way, and Natalie Burch.

    2. 15 November Doctor / Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell

      Premiere - performed by the Laefer Quartet

    3. 4 May The Patronages of St Michael / David Josefowitz Recital Hall, London

      Played Zoe Martlew and Huw Watkins, in a concert of new work.

    4. 28 April Big Rubber Cock / David Josefowitz Recital Hall
    5. 9 March Piano pieces about food / The Forge, Camden

      Flour, Eggs and Mackerel played by Thomas Ang.

    6. 2 March Daughters of the Lonesome Isle / St Ethelburga's Centre, Bishopsgate, London

      Premiere by Eo Nomine, who also sang new music by Josephine Stephenson and Ryan Latimer.