Psalms 22 and 23

5 mins, voice and accompaniment

A song for Jess Dandy, premiere at Listenpony. Performance here.

Exists in three versions:

- voice and guitar/oud, soprano
- soprano, harp, clarinet, and double bass (The Hermes Experiment)
- voice and piano

Past events
  1. Performed by Jess Dandy and Francesco Iannuzzelli.

    May 2019


    New work, Psalms 22 and 23, for Jess Dandy

    Happy to be writing a new piece for fantastic Contralto Jess Dandy for the next Listenpony concert! She'll be singing with Francesco Iannuzzelli playing on Oud. I'm writing a piece using words from Psalms 22 and 23 (v good ones). Check out the event here.

    Mar 2019


    Next Listenpony announced!

    The next listenpony lineup has been announced: contralto Jess Dandy, Francesco on Oud, Simon Desbruslais playing new works for trumpet, and singer songwriter Chloe Foy. Janet Oates, Gareth Moorcraft and Joss Smith are joining us in writing new work. Details up here.

    Jan 2019


    Listenpony 2019

    Listenpony's 2019 is pretty much fully formed: 28 Jan, 29 May, and 26 Sep. We're working with some exciting people this year -- check it out at