5 mins, saxophone quartet

Doctor portrays the daily routine of a ward doctor. My husband and many of my friends are doctors, and I wrote this piece as a tribute to them, and their vital but often quite mundane work. I had in mind all the repetitive and minor tasks that make up much a job which is, overall, pretty noble and grand.

The music is all based on the first chords that are played, and tells a story bit by bit. It begins with a slow section – waking up, and a long day which quickens as work accumulates. The piece ends with a fast, fading, final section – memories of a busy day spiralling around before sleep.

Released on Live at Listenpony: Laefer Quartet

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Performance gallery
Past events
  1. Laefer Quartet play 'Doctor' at NightMusic Cardiff, where I am the Associate Composer.

  2. Part of St David's Hall 'nightmusic' series, performed by the Laefer Quartet.

  3. Performed by Laefer Quartet, part of "Music on the Green" in Esher.

  4. Premiere - performed by the Laefer Quartet