Dances of Travel

10 mins, 13 players

A set of four pieces for 13 players, premiered at the Royal Academy of Music in March, with the Manson Ensemble, under Olly Knussen, and largely written in residency at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada.

Past events
  1. The Manson Ensemble, cond. Olly Knussen


    Feb 2018


    Banff centre residency

    For the last 5 weeks, I have been a musician-in-residence at the fantastic Banff Centre. I have to thank the generosity of the Royal Academy of Music, Help Musicians UK and some private donors for allowing me to be there, it was a fantastic experience.

    I went there principally to work on the piece for 15 instruments I've written for the Royal Academy of Music Manson Ensemble and Oliver Knussen, which I've named Dances of Travel, but I also worked on some solo piano pieces, sketches for few chamber works and a whole load more. And I met and worked with some great musicians.

    I was a brilliant and surreal experience composing in a little room on the side of the mountain in Canadian winter (-47°C was the coldest...). up on my instagram soon.