Circadian Nocturne (with Anna Ridler)

3 minutes, sampled orchestra

A blurry sampled orchestral piece for Anna Ridler's Circadian Nocturne, a multi-screen artwork for Time Square Arts. Ridler trains machine learning models on her own hand-labelled photographs, to explore non-human ways of keeping time. The piece features AI-generated animations of night-blooming and night scented flora, and will be accompanied by my piece in Times Square for the launch night, and otherwise will be available to listen on the accompanying app during the run of the piece.

Anna's artwork will be shown every night on the Times Square advertising screens at 3 minutes to midnight. Similarly, the app will show a single-screen version of the work, with my accompanying music, at 3 minutes to midnight according to the timezone of the phone it is running on.

Announcement here.